Great Power's Magna 373 Shines at ISNA & ESNA

  • Date:2024.01.23
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From January 17 to 19, the ISNA & ESNA 2024 was officially held in San Diego, USA. Great Power unveiled its excellent energy storage products and solutions, including the 320 Ultra and Magna 373 Outside Battery System. 

As one of the most influential energy storage and photovoltaic events in North America, the ISNA & ESNA brought together over 10000 professional visitors from around the world, including manufacturers, suppliers, and importers/exporters from the energy storage and photovoltaic sectors. Great Power's energy storage products, known for being safe, durable, and dependable, received widespread recognition from customers.

At the exhibition, Great Power’s booth showcased a variety of energy storage products, among which the 320 Ultra and Magna 373 Outside Battery System were the highlights.

The 320 Ultra is a new energy storage battery launched by Great Power in 2023 for the overseas market. It has an actual capacity of 328Ah and shows significant improvements in safety, cycle life, and energy efficiency. Moreover, it exhibits outstanding adaptability and consistency under extreme environmental conditions. The 320 Ultra boasts an impressive energy efficiency of 95.5% and is capable of discharging at -30°C and being stored at -40°C. These features make it highly suitable for diverse ecological settings in utility-scale, commercial and industrial energy storage applications.

The Magna 373 Outside Battery System was also a popular exhibit at the event. This product’s shell is made of high-strength metal, effectively preventing the intrusion of dust, rainwater, and fine particles into the cabinet, and is capable of withstanding harsh outdoor conditions such as strong winds and torrential rain. Additionally, Magna 373 accommodates series-connected PCS, mitigating the risks of circulating and inter-cluster short circuits, significantly enhancing safety.

In terms of product design and development, Great Power has an in-depth understanding of customer needs. The Magna 373 uses liquid-cooling temperature control mode, which is more friendly to cells. It can control temperature differences between cells within 2℃, increasing the cycle life by 30%, making the system more durable. The customers get benefits for lower operational costs and better system performance.

In 2023, after careful evaluation and selection, UCSD chose Magna 373 for the microgrid project. This is the first energy storage project implemented by Great Power on a university campus in the United States, and it will provide UCSD with stable, sustainable, and high-quality energy supply.

During the exhibition, Great Power engaged in comprehensive exchanges with global customers. In the future, Great Power will join hands with customers worldwide to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of energy structures, making safe and stable clean energy accessible to more people.

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