Great Power Made a Splash at The Solar & Storage Live South Africa 2024

  • Date:2024.03.23
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From March 18th to 20th, The Solar & Storage Live South Africa 2024 was held in Johannesburg, which is the largest and most influential solar photovoltaic and energy storage exhibition in the region.

Great Power made a splash with the debut of its new products, including the 3U high-voltage rack-mounted energy storage system and the 5MWh liquid-cooled energy storage container system. Notably, this event marked the global premiere of the 3U high-voltage rack-mounted energy storage system! 

The Solar & Storage Live South Africa 2024 brought together thousands of photovoltaic and energy storage companies from around the world, along with tens of thousands of professionals, creating a premier exchange platform for the forefront of the solar energy storage industry.

3U High-Voltage Rack-Mounted Energy Storage System
Safe, Long-lasting, Highly Adaptable, Flexibly Configurable

Targeting the overseas energy storage market demand, Great Power launched the 3U high-voltage rack-mounted energy storage system this year. It is suitable for applications including telecommunications backup power, residential/commercial backup power, industrial and commercial backup power, and UPS power supplies. The system supports charging temperatures from -10°C to 60°C and discharging temperatures from -30°C to 60°C. Additionally, it can operate in 5% to 95% humidity, showcasing its high adaptability to complex natural environments like low temperatures, high temperatures, and high humidity.

Great Power's 3U high-voltage rack-mounted energy storage system can support 3-12 cabinets in series, with storage capacity scalable from 15.36Wh to 61.44KWh according to customer needs. This offers users flexible and stable electricity supply, enhancing economic benefits. Another highlight is its highly integrated intelligent BMS system, which is compatible with multiple brand PCS components and supports multiple systems, offering customers a wide range of options. Moreover, its modular design facilitates overseas transportation, significantly simplifying the transport and installation process and costs, and enhancing product delivery convenience.

In addition to the 3U high-voltage rack-mounted energy storage system, Great Power's 5MWh liquid-cooled energy storage container system, which went into mass production in March this year, also drew significant customer interest. The 5MWh liquid-cooled storage container utilizes a high-efficiency system, achieving direct current side RTE of 96% at 0.25P and 95% at 0.5P, effectively saving energy and significantly improving the economy of energy storage.

Through this exhibition, Great Power further established connections with local customers. Looking forward, Great Power will continue to explore global markets, exchange insights with leading global partners, and jointly promote the achievement of zero-carbon goals, contributing to a greener future.

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