Great Power means Green Power! We made a splash at RE+2023 with new products that drew crowds

  • Date:2023.11.24
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On September 12th, RE+2023 opened to record attendance of 40,000 visitors in Las Vegas. It was by far the largest clean energy event of its kind in North America.


As a leading global battery manufacturer, Great Power displayed a wide range of products and solutions for various applications, including energy storage cells, modules, and liquid-cooled battery systems. It was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our technological breakthroughs and energy storage product solutions to an international audience.







We unveiled our new 320Ah energy storage cell at the show, which attracted significant attention. The new cell, which offers nearly 15% more energy capacity in the same footprint as a 280Ah cell, is designed for utility-scale, commercial and industrial, residential, and portable energy storage use cases.


In addition to the new 320 Ultra, Great Power showcased a series of innovative utility-scale energy storage cells including 314Ah and 280Ah units, as well as residential battery cells rated at 100Ah, 72Ah, and 50Ah at the exhibition.


We also provided an in-depth look at Great Power's technological achievements and breakthroughs in the field of new batteries, with the first-generation sodium-ion cell of 90Ah and 3050mAh attracting considerable attention.





Great Power has been deeply involved in the field of energy storage cells for over a decade. In 2011, we launched our first-generation battery, and in 2019, we elevated our energy storage business to a strategic level. As of 2022, total annual shipments of Great Power energy storage cells have consistently ranked us among the top five such companies in the world.


In the field of energy storage cells, we have achieved several technological breakthroughs. These include long cycle life and high-efficiency performance, as well as innovations in positive and negative electrodes, separators, electrolytes, and overcurrent design, effectively improving the cycle life of the cells. These technology advances have been applied to the new 320Ah cell, which was well received at RE+.


As we like to say, it's not just Green Power, it's Great Power!


This year we continued to expand our markets worldwide, establishing offices in the USA and Germany, with dedicated local teams serving local markets and providing customized energy storage product solutions.


Looking ahead, we are committed to prioritizing customers and empowering the renewable energy industry. Our mission is to design and deliver safe and reliable energy storage products, working together with global customers to contribute to the transformation of renewable energy and promote green and low-carbon development in society.

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