Great Power Showcases New Energy Storage Products at Shanghai SNEC 2024

  • Date:2024.06.17
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From June 13-15, Great Power showcased its latest energy storage products at the SNEC 2024, including the HOME-II series of large cylindrical batteries, the GREAT series for commercial and industrial storage solutions, and the 320 Ultra cell.

HOME-II Series
Large Cylindrical Batteries

The HOME-II series large cylindrical batteries feature the globally unique dual explosion-proof safety structure, the LTSC (Low-Temperature Superconducting) technology, and cutting-edge tabless technology. These advanced technologies ensure excellent safety, exceptional low-temperature performance, and high-power capability, applying in various climates and terrains.

Currently, Great Power has delivered over 20 million large cylindrical batteries to customers.

The 320 Ultra Energy Storage Cell

The 320 Ultra went into mass production last November with high safety, long cycle life, and high energy efficiency. Great Power is one of the first companies to mass-produce this battery. The original flame-retardant gel electrolyte technology significantly enhances the battery's safety, providing exceptional protection for customers. With a cycle life exceeding 8,000 cycles, the 320 Ultra offers significant value. It has been delivered in large quantities.

GREAT Series for C&I

Another highlight of this exhibition was Great Power brought the Great One 200-260 outdoor battery system and the Ultra Max 5000 liquid-cooled energy storage container. Additionally, the second-generation Great E intelligent cloud platform was launched, enabling real-time monitoring of energy storage systems and battery statuses. The simple and efficient operations help customers to easily reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Looking ahead, Great Power will consistently innovate to provide customers with superior energy storage products and solutions, making clean energy safer, stable and accessible.

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