Great Power Shines at 2024 Intersolar Europe

  • Date:2024.06.20
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On June 19, 2024, Intersolar Europe opened in Munich, Germany. Great Power showcased a full range of energy storage products and solutions, including the 320Ah Ultra energy storage cell, Magna 373 liquid-cooled outdoor energy storage cabinet, and Ultra Max 5000 liquid-cooled energy storage container.

Established a European office in Germany, Great Power has assembled a specialized local team capable of promptly responding to local customer needs with professional and comprehensive products and services.

The 320 Ultra
Developed specifically for overseas customers, the 320 Ultra boasts utilizing innovative battery material technology, which can prevent thermal runaway and propagation without insulation, providing customers with excellent safety. Moreover, the 320 Ultra demonstrates excellent high and low-temperature performance, perfectly meeting the application needs in complex natural environments.

Magna 373 Liquid-Cooled Outdoor Energy Cabinet
Magna 373, customized for international customers, features a high-strength metal casing with an IP55 rating, effectively isolating dust, rain, and fine particles and withstanding extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the liquid-cooled temperature control mode maintains core temperature difference within 2℃, extending cycle life by 30% , thereby enhancing durability and reducing costs for customers.

Ultra Max 5000 Liquid-Cooled Energy Container
Equipped with Great Power's self-developed cells, Ultra Max 5000 boasts a battery life of up to 25 years, significantly reducing the full life-cycle cost of energy storage for customers. Additionally, the container features a multi-layer fire suppression system, including active forced ventilation, PACK-level aerosol fire suppression, ensuring an exceptionally safe experience

Looking ahead, Great Power will continue to deepen cooperation with overseas partners, promote the innovation and application of energy storage product, and contribute to the green transformation of the energy structure, making clean energy safer, more stable and accessible.

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