The 34.4MWh Energy Storage Project for Jinma Energy Connected to the Grid

  • Date:2024.06.07
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On June 3rd, the 34.4 MWh commercial and industrial energy storage project was connected to the grid. According to EESA, this project is one of the largest commercial and industrial energy storage projects in Henan Province, China.

Jinma Energy, a Hong Kong-listed company, is a large steel and coke conglomerate with coking and gas utilization in China. Great Com liquid-cooled energy storage container solution meets Jinma Energy's peak demand and reduces electricity costs during high-price periods.

The project adopts the Great Com 3.44 MWh containers, which have advantages of excellent safety, high efficiency, long cycle life, high returns and easy configuration. Additionally, the Great E AI Intelligent cloud platform ensures precise management of batteries and electricity use with easier operation and less costs for customers.

Great Power will continue develop commercial and industrial energy storage products, providing safe, durable, and reliable energy solutions for customers.

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