Great Power brought e-cigarette batteries to the Vaper Expo UK

  • Date:2024.05.12
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May 10-12, UK time, Great Power debuted its complete e-cigarette batteries at the Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham.

The Vaper Expo UK, Europe's premier vaping event and a benchmark for the industry, gathered over 300 exhibitors from Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea, and beyond, along with 20,000 visitors, to explore cutting-edge tech and e-cigarette products.

 At the expo, we showcased popular e-cigarette battery models including 13300/13350/13450/18350. Utilizing a high-voltage 4.45V material system and dense anode materials, our batteries boast significantly increased energy density, combining compact size with high capacity.

On the innovation front, Great Power's e-cigarette batteries boast patented low-temperature technology, operable at -10℃. They also feature select models with up to 15C ultra-high discharge rates, offering substantial current, low resistance, and robust power for large vapor production, ensuring a seamless vaping experience.

 Looking ahead, Great Power will continue to drive innovations in battery technology, energizing digital lives worldwide!

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