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Consumer Battery
Revolutionize the Life Quality of Our Age

Li-MnO2 Batteris

Application field:
Widely used in the fields of consumer electronics, such as medical devices,security equipment, trackers, electricity meters, water meters, FRID, electronic labels, remote controls, car-alarm systems, toys, watches, etc.,.
A full range of models, excellent safety performance, long cycle life and excellent consistency
Li-MnO<sub>2</sub> Batteris

Li-FeS2 Batteries

Application field:
The batteries are widely used in digital cameras, medical devices, electronic dictionaries, GPS, model aircraft toys, electronic door locks, mini remote control cars, measuring instruments, computing instruments, sensors, and radio transceivers, etc.,.
  • Higher capacity: the batteries’ discharge capacity are much higher than that of the same model of alkaline and carbon primary batteries.
  • Lower weight: only 2/3 weight of that of alkaline manganese batteries.
  • Wider operation temperature range: -40 ℃~+60 ℃, especially excellent performance at low temperatures.
  • Perfect for high current and stable high-discharge voltage
  • Long storage life: 10-year storage life with over 80% capacity retention at the ordinary room temperature
Li-FeS<sub>2</sub> Batteries

Zinc-air Batteries

The Zinc-air battery is customized specifically for hearing aids,and is now also used in low-power devices such as Bluetooth earphones. It has the potential to be used in electronic calendars, calculators, and other applications that use silver oxide batteries. Although the discharge current of Zinc-air batteries is smaller, their capacity is higher than that of silver oxide batteries.
  • Patented technology to ensure the discharge performance
  • Imported raw materials
  • Possessing multiple independent research and development patents.
  • Performance reliability
Zinc-air Batteries

Li-SOCI2 Batteries

With the advantages of wide operating temperature and low self-discharge rate, Li-SOCI2 batteries are widely applied in smoke alarm, gas meter, water and electricity heat meter, ETC, IoT, etc.,.
ER+UPC module customization
Great Power provides customized products with different combinations of the Li-SOCl2 battery module and the UPC hybrid capacity module. UPC1520, UPC1530 and UPC1550 can be selectively and randomly combined with ER14250, ER18500, ER26500, and ER34615 lithium-ion batteries according to required application conditions. The customers can customize the length of the wiring harness, plug type, and contact type.
Li-SOCI<sub>2</sub>  Batteries

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