Great Power’s Sodium-Ion Battery Enters the Stage of Commercial Operation

  • Date:2023.11.21
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On July 14, 2023, Great Power signed a demonstration project of 5MW/10MWh Sodium-ion Battery Energy Storage Power Station with Qingdao Beian Holdings and Noan Technology Co., Ltd.. The project is located in Qingdao North Coast Data Center, referred to as QNCDC, it has reached a total capacity of 5MW/10MWh and realized North China’s first large-scale commercial application of sodium-ion batteries in energy storage power stations, marking the commercialization of Great Power’s sodium-ion batteries and is a milestone in sodium-ion battery industry.


At the ceremony, Li Xingxin, Chairman of Qingdao Beian Holdings, and Wang Xiangrong, CTO of Great Power, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. At the same time, Xie Hongjin, Deputy Mayor of Qingdao, Bian Cheng, director of the Development and Reform Commission and Zhen Shaoqiang, CEO of Great Power, Zhang Wenfeng, CEO of Huaxia Cornerstone Industrial Services Group, witnessed the signing ceremony.



The project is located in QNCDC and represents the first integration application of sodium-ion batteries in new energy storage and new infrastructure of big data centers. This project will effectively improve QNCDC’s level of energy efficiency, empower the building of green data centers, and support Qingdao's high-quality development driven by digitization.


Great Power started its strategic layout in the field of sodium-ion battery research three years ago. Today, the company has made significant progress in areas such as the system construction of sodium-ion battery materials, supply chain partnerships, and product system development. In 2022, Great Power successfully completed serial trial production and sample testing of small cylindrical, large cylindrical, and prismatic sodium-ion battery cells, and the company has filed application for multiple sodium-ion battery related invention patents and published several research papers on the Top journals.


In terms of sodium-ion battery product layout, Great Power adopts a combined strategy of layered oxide and polyanion systems, and has achieved multiple technology innovations and breakthroughs. In the polyanion systems, a highly stable system has been constructed through material innovation, breaking through the core pain points of low energy density and revolutionizing the life of sodium-ion batteries to over 6000 cycles. For the layered oxide system, a high-voltage system has been developed to increase the energy density to 150Wh/kg, with a cycle life reaching up to 3000 cycles.


In the QNCDC’s 5MW/10MWh sodium-ion energy storage project, Great Power will provide a complete technical solution to enable the construction and application of sodium-ion batteries in the new power load management system. This project will not only effectively reduce the operation cost level of the data center, but will also actively participate in the regulation service of the power grid, enhancing the stability and reliability of the grid.


The collaboration between Great Power and Qingdao Beian Holdings in the Sodium-ion Battery Energy Storage Station project not only accelerates the industrialization process of sodium-ion batteries but also empowers the construction of a new type of computing power infrastructure integrating the Qingdao Smart Grid and cloud computing. At the same time, it lays the foundation of China data center’s commercialized application of energy storage and clean electricity for the future.


Due to superior safety, wider operation temperature range, sodium-ion batteries are highly compatible with utility-scale energy storage applications. Great Power believes that there is a long-term market for sodium-ion batteries in energy storage industry.

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